Why wear ruby ​​jewelry?

ruby ​​jewelry
As the winter brings on chilly weather, who doesn’t love the idea of wearing fine quality pink to red rubies as the stylish stones shimmer with an extraordinary warm light. If you want to find out all there is about these most amazing gemstones, then click here and be spellbound by extraordinary natural stones such as the amazing ruby. The biggest one ever mined is the Liberty Bell Ruby. Certainly, royalty has always worn rubies for their shimmering beauty, and crowns and jewellery have always been adorned with rubies. Not only that, the gemstone stimulates the navel chakra of the wearer and gets rid of fears and depression.

Powerful, positive effects of Ruby

Looking confident and happy are attributes every royal person needs when out and about, appearing in public. In fact, litho therapy properties of the stone are fairly well known from the 16th century already. A doctor from that time spoke of this precious stone being a cordial tonic and as a life stone, it symbolizes happiness and is associated with the 4th chakra, the heart chakra.

The characteristics of Ruby

One of the most evident characteristics of this stone is based on its hard nature. On the standard hardness scale used to measure the extent of hardness, this precious stone has been observed to hit 9.0 which is absolutely high and consequently hard. What follows from this observation is simply that, it is a durable gem that has capabilities of withstanding enormous pressure. When it comes to colour, the precious stone ranges from blood-red to almost brownish red. It is crucial also that we point out that, one of the most popular rubies is the pigeon blood coloured one that indeed is relatively costly and expensive. In its purest form such as those from Myanma, the mineral corundum is colourless with chromium being the trace element that causes the magnificent red colour. The price of this stone is worked out according to its size and shade as the colour can increase the price per carat, with a scarlet- or pigeon red being of tremendous value and a beautiful ruby such as this is considered rarer than a diamond.

A gemstone ruled by the mighty sun

Also, you want to wear natural stones like this, as according to astrology, this precious stone is ruled by the sun, the ultimate source of energy. This naturally occurring gemstone is founded on a number of minerals such as iron, oxygen and chromium among others, and being associated with the sun, it signified life, confidence, energy and passion. Wearing the ring has many positive effects for you, but it is always wise to get a consultation from a reputable astrologer before wearing natural stone jewellery like this. Also, top quality ruby gemstone rings should be worn by those couples contending with difficulties in their relationship. It can bring about positive changes, increase energy, desire and sensual pleasure. The stylish stones shimmer with an extraordinary light and the reason you can wear ruby jewellery as often as you like is that these gemstones are hard and durable and don’t scratch easily. These gemstones have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. As you go about your daily life, you don’t have to be fearful of constantly knocking your ruby rings, bracelets, or pendants. However, having said that, you have to be aware of inclusions  when your ruby has fine spots or lines inside, and which you can see when you hold up the gemstone against the light. A quality ruby- doesn’t have inclusions, or they are minimal. Since earliest times, these red gemstones have been said to have so many positive effects, and it is why it is associated with the sun – light, brightness, warmth and joy. When rubbed on the skin, the stone is thought to restore youth, adventure, spunk and vitality.

Jewellery that flatters

If you believe your ruby  jewellery has these inclusions then you would in fact have reason to be careful as this precious stone could chip if you were to accidentally knock it hard. If you do have strenuous work waiting for you, it would be better to rather remove your ruby jewellery. Rubies without inclusions can be far costlier than ones with inclusions, however, unlike a diamond, you don’t get a flawless ruby-Certainly, you don’t want a red stone with a cloudy appearance. Speaking of all things crimson, nothing beats an eye-catching ruby and now you can wear this gem to lift your mood. The Sunrise Ruby may well be the world’s most expensive ruby, but you don’t have to try and recreate royalty looks or look like a celebrity. There are some much more affordable must-have rubies available that aren’t only fashion essentials to give you an interesting look, but it will certainly have many positive benefits for you. When you have found your own signature-style ruby, it will be like a key investment piece that gives you the most confidence and that also energizes, balances and encourages a passion for life.
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