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Eyelash additions give you a glam makeover from a simple look to a fabulous wow look with fuller, thick eyelashes. Not even mascara can transform your eye look compared to the semi-permanent extensions that greatly enhance your facial beauty. Mink, silky synthetic eyelashes are more popular and preferred by the majority of women adorning eyelash add-ons, because of the natural overall look they project. You can get various eyelash products at misencil.com.

Variations of Eyelash Additions

Eyelash specialists use eyelash extensions to enhance the fullness, length, and thickness of sparsely distributed natural eyelashes. These are semi-permanent lash extensions applied by a professional, who has taken an eyelash extensions class and has knowledge in all types of lash extensions, which include:

  • Semi-permanent extensions
  • False lash extensions
  • Individual extensions
  • One by one lash extensions
  • 101 extensions etc.

For more details concerning eyelash extensions visit a boutique like misencil.com, to understand how things work. If you have doubts and concerns about the process, no need to worry because experts handle it all.

Eyelash Extensions Products

They come in diverse colors, shapes, and design, and are made of synthetic fiber clustered in different categories:

  • Silk lashes
  • Mink lashes
  • Volume up lashes
  • W lashes
  • Y lashes
  • 5D Russian lashes or 3D lashes.
  • Individual lashes
  • Diamond Lashes


Visit a boutique near you and select your preferred lashes, your technician then carefully attaches single synthetic lash extensions one-by-one to your natural lashes using a specific type of glue. The application process takes about two to three hours depending on the eyelash technician’s experience, and the type of eyelash extensions products used. If you don’t know which type of lash to use, your technician will help you pick the best eyelash curl for you.

How Long Should You Keep Your Eyelash Additions?

Eyelash add-ons can last up to six weeks, sometimes longer, depending on the type of glue used, the technique used in the application process, and the quality of products and accessories used. The technician needs to keep the working space hygienic and tidy at all times. The client has a responsibility to maintain the extensions after the application process. You will require touching up every 2-3 weeks because of the growth cycle of your natural lashes. After six weeks, book an appointment with your eyelash specialist to remove the lash extensions. The removal process is delicate because the glue holds the extensions firmly, making the removal procedure involving. If you feel itchy, do not be tempted to rub, pull, or pick at your lashes. They can only be removed using specific products and follow a particular procedure.

How to Check for Potential Allergies

If you haven’t used lash extensions before, it’s advisable to ask your technician to perform a patch test. Do the test 24 hours before the main application. The test ensures that clients do not endure product-related allergic reactions and create a panic attack among other alarmists’ responses from other clients. The most appropriate and convenient time to test for potential allergies for first-timers is during your first consultation visit with your eyelash specialist. The technician explains all the procedures and products available for use. You get to test for allergies at this point before the actual process takes place.

What to do After Eyelash Extension Application

Once you’ve had eyelash add-ons, do not panic if some lashes fall off, this is normal during the first 48 hours as the glue sits in. Do not wet the lashes during this time to let the glue dry completely. Avoid cooking, swimming, saunas, and steam rooms during this time. After the 48-hour grace period, you can occasionally engage in the mentioned activities but not every day to avoid the lashes from falling too early. Essential tips:

  • Do not apply oil-based mascara on your lash extensions, it dissolves the bonding agent causing your lashes to shed. You don’t need the mascara.
  • Use cotton wipes balls to remove your make up. Avoid cleansers or any oil-based makeup remover around the eyes. Use plain water or water-based products.
  • Do not tint the lash extensions, and if you must, have the technician do it before the application procedure. The colours may react with the glue and cause eye allergies.

You can choose your preferred design from thousands of options at a boutique near you. When done correctly, eyelash extensions can last up to 6 weeks with daily maintenance and proper fill-ins.

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