Hair Beauty

How do I moisturize my hair?

Beauty is not only determined by the face, a peachy complexion and star makeup. It’s also about the hair. Indeed, having beautiful hair is a sign of beauty and men are always attracted to women with beautiful hair. Who doesn’t…

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Which shampoo to use against dandruff?

Dandruff, those white flakes that have the unfortunate tendency to invade the hair, represents for many a source of considerable discomfort, from an aesthetic point of view. In addition, they often cause unpleasant itching of the scalp. The best way…

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Which mask to use for oily hair?

Do you have oily hair? For some people, having oily hair is a real nightmare. You’ve just washed it and after two days it’s already greasy again. To get rid of the excess oil in the hair, you tend to…

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