What cellulite cream to choose?

Cellulite or orange peel skin is characterized by fatty lumps that are found on one part of the body, particularly on the buttocks, stomach, arms, back of the thighs and knees. But what are the main causes? And how can they be treated?

What are the factors that trigger cellulite?

Several factors can be the cause of the appearance of cellulite such as heredity, hormones (puberty, breastfeeding, pregnancy, etc.), blood circulation disorders, obesity, smoking, unsuitable diet, stress and drastic diets. Today, there are three types of cellulite: - Aqueous cellulite is the most common. Aqueous cellulite is the most common. It is due to poor blood circulation or water retention. - Adipose cellulite occurs as a result of being overweight and fat. - Fibrous cellulite is the most difficult to treat. To overcome cellulite, you should first take care of your diet and drink enough water every day. Then the application of an anti-cellulite cream is recommended. Above all, the practice of sport is essential. You must move around to promote tissue oxygenation. All physical activities are recommended: cycling, swimming, walking, running...

Which anti-cellulite cream is the most effective?

On the market, you will find a large number of anti-cellulite creams. But not all of them are effective. To find the right product, refer to its composition. Some ingredients are known for their anti-fat properties, such as caffeine, green tea or guarana. Next, choose an anti-cellulite cream for a specific area: special cream for the stomach, arms, hips... If you have fibrous cellulite, the gel is more effective, to be used once a day. Caution! These products do not work miracles. For an optimal result, the treatment must be coupled with a healthy lifestyle. In any case, anti-cellulite creams are effective, but the effects are only visible in the long term. You have to be patient.

What other precautions should be taken?

First of all, if you have cellulite, avoid wearing shoes with heels and clothes that are too tight as they may compress your legs and waist. Strong exposure to heat is also not recommended. Therefore, avoid hot baths, which can accentuate cellulite. You can also enjoy the benefits of anti-cellulite massages, provided you call on a seasoned professional. And don't forget to use slimming oil. It's the secret to a firmer body. Finally, take care of what you put on your plate. Reduce saturated fats and sugar as much as possible. Rather rely on fruits and vegetables to drain the body and eliminate toxins: fennel, grapefruit, orange, lemon, celery, cabbage, leeks...  
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