How do I use dry body oil?

For some time now, oil has been drying on the coast with women because it intensely moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair. To the detriment of other sticky oils that require specific use to have the desired effect, it is easy to use and gives an immediate effect. However, like any other cosmetic product, it should not be abused. A few rules are in order to get a better result.

An effective moisturizing oil

The particularity of dry oil lies in its texture. Indeed, as its name indicates, it is identical oil to all the other traditional oils that we are used to using for our beauty care, but with a more fluid and non-oily texture that does not leave that oily film on the skin that we fear so much with other oils. Thanks to its fluid texture, it penetrates more easily into the skin and provides an immediate and effective result. The skin is softer and the hair shinier. Famous for its moisturizing and nourishing action on the skin and scalp, it is used as a repairing care in institutes or as a daily care at home.

How to use it on the skin?

Dry oil is a godsend for dry and mature skin. Although it doesn't have the oily texture you are used to with other oils, it provides the same effect and even more in terms of skin hydration. By penetrating immediately under the skin, it nourishes and moisturizes it directly and is suitable for all skin types. For the body, it can be applied to clean skin once or twice a day depending on the skin type. Gently massage the area to be treated to obtain smooth and silky skin. It can also be added in a few drops to the bath water to make it penetrate deeply. For facial care, the oil can either be applied directly before your daily cosmetic products: day cream, make-up and others to protect the skin, or added to your daily cream to nourish it and give radiance to your face.

Which dry oil to choose?

Dry oil for the body can come in different scents. It can also be composed of other oils such as coconut, argan, olive or others, UV filters or self-tanning products, each oil has its own particularity according to the nutrients it contains. In summer, there is nothing like a dry oil care with self-tanning to stay beautiful under the sun or one with sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. You can choose from the different scents available on the market. If you choose the tropical monoi scent, for example, you will be soaked in this irresistible sun-drenched fragrance all day long. You can choose between dry macadamia, watermelon or grape oil.
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