Which mask to use for oily hair?

Do you have oily hair? For some people, having oily hair is a real nightmare. You've just washed it and after two days it's already greasy again. To get rid of the excess oil in the hair, you tend to strip it with too aggressive products and the result is that the hair produces more sebum. How to treat greasy hair? The answer is very simple, by making masks with natural products, because Mother Nature is an incomparable beauty ally. Indeed, natural products are full of unsuspected benefits for the hair. It's only hard enough for most people to imagine food on their hair because they think it's a waste. Here are some recipes for masks to beautify your hair.

What is a hair mask?

A hair mask is a hair care product. It is a treatment with multiple benefits that nourishes, moisturizes, repairs and purifies the hair. Each type of hair can have its own part of mask adapted to it. You just need to mix the right ingredients; a mask that is too nourishing may not be suitable for oily hair. The best way to make a hair mask is to do it once a week.

Recipes for masks for oily hair

All hair needs care whether it is normal, dry or oily. But oily hair needs double care because it produces more sebum than normal hair. These homemade oily hair masks will take care of your hair by purifying it and helping it not to become too greasy. The egg and lemon mask, mix honey, the juice of a lemon and an egg. If the mixture sticks too much, add a little water. For the strawberry yoghurt mask, it is best to use sugar-free yoghurt. Mix the ingredients in a blender or food processor and apply the mask to the roots for a few minutes. The mask with honey and baking soda is also effective in treating greasy hair. Mix the ingredients together to make a paste that you will spread on your scalp.

The right reflexes for oily hair

Oily hair often gives the appearance of dirty hair. To remedy this, you can use a gentle, non-aggressive shampoo. Avoid washing your hair too frequently, as this is aggressive to the hair; once or twice a week is ideal. Use cold water to rinse your hair, as warm water is aggressive. In addition, cold water makes your hair shine. For drying, ban hair dryers, as they make hair brittle. A healthy diet can also restore balance to the nature of the hair. For example, avoid fatty foods and give preference to fruits and vegetables that are good for your health.  
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