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ruby ​​jewelry

Why wear ruby ​​jewelry?

As the winter brings on chilly weather, who doesn’t love the idea of wearing fine quality pink to red rubies as the stylish stones shimmer with an extraordinary warm light. If you want to find out all there is about…

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What stretch mark cream?

Stretch marks are purplish red streaks that can appear on a part of the body and change in appearance over time. Indeed, they are considered unsightly marks that can embarrass both men and women. What are the main causes of…

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What cellulite cream to choose?

Cellulite or orange peel skin is characterized by fatty lumps that are found on one part of the body, particularly on the buttocks, stomach, arms, back of the thighs and knees. But what are the main causes? And how can…

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How do I use dry body oil?

For some time now, oil has been drying on the coast with women because it intensely moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair. To the detriment of other sticky oils that require specific use to have the desired effect, it…

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