What shade of lipstick to choose for brunettes?

In addition to matching your skin tone, lipstick should be in harmony with your brown hair. Among the different choices available on the market, favour bright or warm colours by taking these criteria into account.

Bright or dark colors for brunettes with matte skin

Dull-skinned brunettes have a wide choice of lipstick shades. Indeed, they can opt for dark notes as well as lively tones such as fuchsia, dark red, bright red, etc. Choose deep colours if you are brown and your skin is rather matt to dark. This will illuminate your face. However, you can also allow yourself to choose lighter shades to highlight the contrast with your brown hair. In addition, in the summer, orange and coral colours will energize your mouth. On the other hand, the more discreet will prefer peach or sand lipsticks or even nude lipsticks that match their skin tone.

Warm colours for fair-skinned brunettes

Warm colours in bronze notes such as copper red or cinnamon will suit light-skinned brown women better. They may also prefer raspberry pink or any other red with a pink tendency for a porcelain effect. Opt for a discreet shade, such as a powdery lipstick, if you make up your eyes intensely, especially with a smoky. Conversely, for a strong style, go for a bright red that will blend perfectly with your brown hair and fair skin. Without going to extremes, opt for a light burgundy in winter. Also, avoid nude hair, which will have no effect on you.

Shades to suit all brunettes

If you're a brunette, you should know that your hair matches perfectly with different kinds of lipstick. Plum colours in matte, lacquered, satin or glossy tones are suitable for brunettes with fair or matte skin. To highlight your full lips, prefer matte textures. If you have thin lips, go for glossy textures. Women with brown hair who are not afraid to attract attention can opt for blue lipstick. Depending on your tastes, personality and desired look choose a bright but soft navy blue or a sky blue for an original look. However, very dark shades should not be included in the make-up kit for brunettes. This is particularly the case for colours such as black, purple, brown or dark blue.
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