How to make smoky eyes make-up?

All women and girls who love make-up know how to exclusively appreciate the smoky effect and the slightly smoky look of the smoky eyes. With the right technique, the best tools and the right colours, this make-up remains easy to achieve. With the right technique, the best tools and the right colours, this make-up is easy to do. With this in mind, in the desire to give you a perfect look or more precisely a perfect look, we reveal in this article the golden rules for making a good smoky.

Setting the stage

So that your smoky doesn't fade over time, in other words, so that it lasts all day or evening. And in particular, to avoid an effect resembling a panda eye, the ideal is to apply a good base or more precisely a good make-up base at the beginning. Afterwards, it is important to apply a creamy eye shadow from your mobile eyelid to your eyebrow. However, in order to prevent the powder from falling too much on your cheeks, it is important that you either apply a large quantity of powder under the eyes before removing them with a large brush after the make-up, or stick a little tape on and remove it gently without hurting yourself.

Without concealer, a smoky eye does not hold

In case you don't know it yet, you should now know that smoky make-up tends to degrade dark circles. In this sense, for it to be really successful, you must above all avoid this evil. To do this, there is nothing simpler since you simply need to use a concealer. By the way, if your dark circles are heavily coloured, the best thing to do is to opt for a concealer with a creamy texture and more or less covering power. In addition, to avoid tiring your eyes and in particular to protect them from external aggressions, it is recommended that you use a better quality concealer. Finally, don't forget to powder your concealer using an ultra-fine white loose powder, to bring a little light to your smoky eyes and especially to your look.

A good mascara is the essential of smoky eyes

If there is an accessory or make-up product that is a must for smoky eyes, it would probably be mascara. In this dynamic, in order to intensify your look at the end of the make-up, don't hesitate to apply several coats of mascara. Thus, choose a little dark (black) mascara so that it matches your final make-up as well as possible. Apart from that, if you have ultra-fine lashes, the ideal is to opt for a slightly more smothering mascara to apply once you have used your eyelash curler. However, if your lashes are short, opt for lengthening mascara instead. A little tip, that could also help you achieve a makeup effect that looks great, preferably use waterproof mascara. This trick is very valid when it is a smoky to wear in the evening. Indeed, this kind of product has everything you need to make your make-up or more precisely your smoky eyes last all night long.
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