Which brushes to use for contouring?

In order to always look well-prepared, applying make-up to your face using contouring techniques will give you a healthy glow. To do this, do you need the right brushes? Which ones? During which stages of the make-up process do you use them?  Knowing which equipment to use will make it easier for you to apply your beauty products.

Brushes for applying foundation

A contouring brush is an accessory that is important to have in your makeup case. However, there is not one but several because the application of different beauty products requires the use of adequate equipment. When starting a contouring, you can use a lighter and darker foundation to accentuate your features and hide your imperfections. To apply this product, you need a bevelled blush brush, especially when applying lighter foundation. In addition, you can also use a flat-headed, rounded brush to apply darker foundation lines to your temples and the hollow of your cheeks. Then to blend and distribute the applied layers, you can use a moistened beauty blender or a duo fibre brush.

Brushes for powder application

To fix your make-up, apply clear powder to your face. To do this, you need a round-headed blush brush to fix the powder on the areas where you have previously applied your clear foundation. This brush can also help you to structure your make-up by running it into the hollow of your cheeks. To mattify the areas where you have applied dark foundation, use a flat-headed, structured contouring brush to accentuate the natural effect. It should be used on the bones of your face and on areas where you can still see the application of dark foundation. By using circular movements, you can blend the colours evenly with this brush.

Brushes for your eye-light

What is important to remember when doing a contouring is that you must not let anyone see the demarcations between the different shades of colour used in your make-up. Finally, in order to give radiance to your face some small strokes of eye-light are necessary. The brush with which it is applied is the fan brush. An eye-light powder is applied in a C shape above the cheekbones. It is a powder that illuminates your face. So be careful not to apply large amounts unless you want to look like a disco ball. To finish accentuating your look, apply a small touch of eye-light with a shadow brush in the crease of the eyebrows and in the hollow of the eyes it gives a bright side.
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