How does the layering work?

Make-up technique coming from Japan, layering is done in several successive steps. The term means in the literary sense: "millefeuille", and must be done daily in a predetermined order. To achieve it, various cosmetic products with different effects are needed.

Make-up removal with oil followed by cleansing

Little used in France, the oil has the advantage of removing make-up from the entire face. It can remove all traces of make-up, even water-resistant make-up. In addition, the use of oil as a make-up remover helps to make the skin moisturized and supple. To use it, it is best to choose vegetable oil with cotton wool or to pour it in the palm of the hand and put it on the fingers. Then apply it to the face while making small circles on the make-up so as to gently massage the face. Rinse off with warm water. Then it is the second step of the layering which is the cleansing. This is done with a soap-free cleansing gel to remove any remaining impurities and traces of oil. To do this, use a sponge soaked in gel on the face while avoiding the eye contours and then rinse with water.

The use of the lotion and serum

The lotion removes the lime-scale stored on the skin and offers a more radiant complexion. This is the last step in removing make-up from the layering. Then it is the use of the serum. The latter, compared to moisturizing creams, is more concentrated. This makes it easier for the product to penetrate the skin. To use it, apply a few drops on your fingers or put some on your chin, cheeks and do. Spread it with your fingers in small circles while gently massaging the skin. When choosing the serum, you will have to choose according to your skin type.

The eye contour and the moisturizing face cream

Then it is the fifth step which is the eye contour. This is a very fragile part of the face. It is therefore necessary to remain vigilant during this stage. The eye contour care product should be applied delicately to the contours and then gently massaged into the skin to improve blood circulation and help the product penetrate the skin. Concerning the type of product to use, the ideal is to choose gels or creams. It is after that, it is the last step which is the use of the moisturizing cream. It helps to protect the skin throughout the day against different weather conditions and pollution. The moisturizer should be chosen according to the type of skin. It is applied, as in the previous steps, by gently massaging the face from the centre to the extremities.
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