How do I cleanse my face with micellar water?

Micellar water is a solution composed of micelles (very fine particles of oil) and water that can remove fat, thanks to the surfactants in its content. Its use is highly recommended by experts in facial care for more softness and less impurity on the skin. It is still necessary to know how to use micellar water and above all to use the one that suits your skin to obtain a satisfactory result and to be able to fully enjoy its benefits.

The advantages of micellar water on the face

Micellar water has a double action on the skin, it removes make-up and cleanses at the same time. This product is specific compared to other make-up removers found in the world of cosmetics thanks to its multiple advantages. First of all, it removes make-up from everything: eye make-up, skin and lipstick, except for waterproof make-up. Yet it's a formula that's both easy and fast. Then, it is a neutral component: it contains no perfume, soap or other components harmful to the skin, it has a non-comedogenic formula. Micellar water is made to clean all types of skin: dry, oily, acneic, and normal.

Steps to follow to use micellar water for the face

Micellar water is used morning and evening. To cleanse your face: first, you must take a cotton pad, soak it in micellar water and then gently wipe the pad over your skin, repeating this action twice to get rid of impurities. Favour the eye area and the lips in case you have put make-up on for the day. Normally, it does not require rinsing unless you don't like the slight sticky feeling. In this case, use thermal water spray and get a fresh effect, don't forget to pat the face a little after the spritz. It's very practical no!

The right micellar water for your face

To be able to enjoy the virtues of micellar water, you need to buy the one that corresponds to your skin type. There is special micellar water for sensitive skins because of its reactive tendency; you need a simple formula to avoid skin irritation. There is also micellar water for oily or acne-prone skin; the purpose of cleansing this type of skin is to regulate the excess of sebum in order to obtain a matt effect on your face. Then, in the case of dry, resistant skin, you should choose the moisturizing type to nourish the skin well. And specifically, there is the one adapted to the baby: micellar water with a hypoallergenic formula, without parabens, without alcohol to cleanse his face and small buttocks.
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